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Primary Care and Other Services

Primary Care and Other Services

Apart from our specialised services, we also provide primary care and health screening services. Our Medical clinics provide services that include, among others, general medical consultations, management of acute conditions such as aches and pains, and chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and asthma.

We also offer

  • children’s health services, geriatric care and handle minor surgical procedures.
  • vaccinations for travel and occupational requirements
  • administer myofascial pain injections whereby our medical practitioners administer strategic injection into specific tender muscle and fascia to break muscle spasms and improve healing. This procedure is generally used to treat a wide variety of painful conditions such as (neuropathic pain, mixed pain and nociceptive pain).


We believe that our pain care management services complements our provision of primary care services by addressing the pain of our patients due to chronic and acute conditions.