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GP Medical & Paincare

GP Medical & Paincare

Singapore Paincare patients enjoy access to our network of GP clinics islandwide for convenient outpatient services close to their homes. Led by qualified GP doctors & family physicians, our GP clinics provide amongst others, medical consultations, chronic disease management, preventative medicine, health screening and vaccinations, dermatology services as well as pain relief consultations and treatments.

Pain Relief Treatments

Our doctors are trained in the use of myofascial pain injections to help alleviate pain. They are specialised injections administered into specific tender points and fascia to stop muscle spasms, inflammation and improve healing. This procedure is done outpatient and is generally used to treat a wide variety of painful conditions such as (neuropathic pain, mixed pain and nociceptive pain.

We believe that our pain care management services complement our provision of primary care services by addressing the pain of our patients due to chronic and acute conditions.