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Singapore Paincare Holdings Limited is a medical services group engaged in pain care services, and primary care and other services. Its first specialist clinic, Singapore PaincareCenter was founded in 2007, and is one of the first clinics in Singapore specialising in the treatment of persistent pain.

Our Group’s vision is to be the leading provider of interventional pain procedures in Asia for both specialist and primary care. By focusing on the treatment of pain that can occur anywhere in the body, we hope to bridge the gap between surgery, that may result in higher risks, and longer recovery periods, and conservative physical therapies which may not be as immediately effective. The pain care services provided by the Group include, among others, minimally invasive procedures, cancer pain treatment, specialised injections, pharmacotherapy, and cognitive behavioural therapy. The Group also provides general medical consultations, management of chronic and acute conditions, and dermatology services.

With a network of clinics located in both central and residential areas of Singapore, the Group has brought effective pain management methods out of the confines of specialist centres into the heartlands, adhering to our motto of “Bringing pain relief closer to you”.

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Email: enquiries@sgpaincareholdings.com

Telephone: +65 6972 2256


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