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Our Company was incorporated on 31 December 2018 as a private company limited by shares under name “Singapore Paincare Holdings Pte.Ltd”.

Singapore Paincare Centre, was founded by Dr. Bernand Lee in January 2007 as one of the few clinics in Singapore specialising in the treatment of persistent pain. In 2014, we opened our second Specialist Clinic, the Paincare Center (@Novena). Removing pain  generators and/or interrupting pain signals through, among others, minimally invasive procedures and injections thereby bridging the gap between using open surgery which may entail higher risks and longer recovery periods, and conservative physical therapies which may not be as immediately effective, to treat pain.

In the middle of, we began collaborating with primary care providers to extend our provision of pain care treatments to our Medical Clinics thereby increasing the accessibility of pain care treatments to patients in the residential areas. Upon completion of the Restructuring Exercise, our Company acquired our Subsidiaries and Associated Company, and became the holding company of our Group.

Our Group is one of few medical services groups in Singapore focused on providing pain care treatments, through our advances in stopping pain, via specialized injections and minimally invasive procedures. All the doctors are trained and certified to be able to perform the procedures with great proficiency and accuracy, thereby giving long lasting excellent outcomes for our patients.

With the motto “Bringing pain relief closer to you”, Singapore Paincare Holdings wants to be able to provide good paincare treatment to the masses and heartland. No one should be suffering in pain because of a lack of understanding or wrong approach to its treatment. All chronic pain can be treated and no one needs to grow old in pain. We aim to provide the alternative to surgery, giving good pain relief, through commitment to excellent service experience and toughing the hearts and lives of our patients.

Our Mission

to bring paincare to the masses through Singapore Paincare Holdings, making it readily available and closer to the heartlands.

Our Vision

to be the leading provider of interventional pain procedures in Asia at both specialist and primary care levels.

Core Values

Our 5 "Es" to treat your conditions with care!

  • Engaging

    Patients’ engaging experience – we ensure all questions are answered and expectations met.

  • Exceptional

    Experience our exceptional service from our personalised medical concierge and our paying close attention to our patients’ needs. At SPCH, we assure persistent pain will be controlled and managed with exceptional results.

  • Energetic

    Welcome to the environment of our caring and angelic nurses here! Their smile springs from a genuine desire to take care of our patients’ conditions, besides being an assurance of results shown for post treatments.

  • Empowerment

    We empower our staff to deliver appropriate and timely service to our patients. Each staff member is empowered with the necessary knowledge and responsibility to achieve this goal.

  • Education

    We emphasize on staff enrichment and patient education, and we provide constant training to our staff in practical knowledge and interpersonal skills. Knowledge relevant to specific conditions is then shared with our patients. A lot of chronic pain syndrome is co-managed with a change in lifestyle and behaviour. Thus, it is important that patients receive the right information and education to make that progress.

Our Certificates

What We Achived

Service Quality Class

We are happy and proud that our Singapore Paincare center have been awarded for SQC Certification for both service and people, and we continue looking forward to scaling new heights in terms of our service quality.

We strongly believe in providing quality care and service to individuals (patients) who seek help in us

Singapore Paincare Centre started the journey through Service Quality Class (SQC) in October 2018 and took 7 months to complete the entire process of assessment and certification by April 2019, with the aim to enhance consistency and quality of Singapore Paincare Centre internal processes as well as improve on their service standards. The sharing, training and workshop sessions have quipped the team with stronger teamwork, better analytical skills and being more patient-focused. This has helped Singapore Paincare Centre build stronger bonds internally among our own team as well as with external parties, including patients, vendors, working partners.